Monday, March 23, 2009

Extreme Busyness Part 2

Who knew that taking on a part time job would eat into so many facets of my life! Blogging has suffered, crafting has suffered, even crazy thinking has suffered! Ok, maybe crazy thinking hasn't suffered...
At any rate, spring is here, we have moved to a nice little cabin in the woods, yet still in the middle of town, it's quite grand actually. We have a resident moose which is nice at times, but frustrating at others, we had contemplated putting in a garden, but now that idea is out! There is still too much snow on the ground to be seriously thinking about gardening anyhow.
Work goes well, and between 20 hours a week at that and 3 grad classes I am fairly busy. Summer will be a bit of a break as I am only taking 6 credits, and have no actual in person classes.
Branden and I headed out to Kaltag, a rural village 90 miles inland from Unalakleet, to watch the Iditarod pass thorugh. I may post a longer description of that, or I may just opt to keep it in my head. We'll see.
As I said, spring is here, daylight is back with a mad fury, and now we wait for the snow to melt, and the cabin fever to lift. Hopefully by May.